I plan to hold a protest/event to highlight why society needs to be more accepting of LGBT people.
This comes after I realised that a local family who lease Overtoun House from West Dunbartonshire Council are homophobic or don’t accept LGBT people for who they are.
When I came out a couple of years ago, I was volunteering in the Tearoom they run in the house and I was also quite friendly with them all, but it all changed when I came out. They wouldn’t talk to me very much only when I was working but even then it was minimal. So I decided that I would never work there again or go into the tearoom but I do now want to highlight the fact they are not accepting of LGBT people.
On the day of the event/protest I will be outside the building informing everyone that they dont accept LGBT people.
They say that gay people choose to be gay which is a load of nonsense as you are born gay.
The main reason for staging this protest/event is to enhance their understanding that gay people are an integral part of society nowadays and they should at least accept us and not be homophobic. Jesus said “Love thy Neighbour.” Gay people are our neighbours as well as straight people.
If anyone would like to join me, Direct Message me on Twitter or email me on leemartin459@yahoo.co.uk